Human Resource Management Seminar for Non-HR Managers

Human Resource Management Seminar for Non-HR Managers

Operational Line Managers have varying Degrees of involvement in HR related activities and it is critical that they understand, and operate within best practice and comply with Legislation. HR for Line Managers is a one day course taking the Line Manager through the complete employee life-cycle from pre-recruitment to post-termination as well as covering key employment legislation affecting the Employer-Employee Relationship.

Employing people with the right knowledge, skills and attributes is a crucial factor in the success of any busi- ness and making a bad recruitment decision can prove costly and time-consuming.
Even after selecting the “ideal” employee, retaining their skills and keeping them motivated and focused on achieving business results often proves challenging. Retaining good performers is as important to business success as knowing how to handle poor performance issues.
Following basic principles of good HR management practice can:
>> Effectively manage performance to maximize business outcomes
>> Minimize the chances of making bad hiring decisions
>> Assist with staff retention
>> Reduce the chance of potential court action
>> Enhance your organizations reputation as an employer of choice

After completing the HR for Non HR Managers course, you will be able to:
>> Explain the Key stages of the Employee Life- Cycle (From pre-Recruitment to post termina tion) And the Associated underpinning Legal obligations of Employers and Rights of Employees
>> Identify how HR Contribute to organizational success
>> Demonstrate when to Consult with Hr as a Line Manager
>> Identify the Importance of Employee Engage ment and Managing the ‘psychological Contract’
>> Identify Means of Establishing Employee perfor mance standards and subsequently Monitor and Review that performance.

the Role of the Line Manager in Working With, and as, HR
When to Consult HR
the Employee Life-Cycle and the Legal Framework For:
>> Recruitment and selection
>> Employee Engagement and Managing the psychological Contract
>> Rewarding Employees
>> Handling termination of Employment
>> Managing Employee performance and Discipline.

This course is recommended for Line Managers who need to understand the Complete Employee Life-Cycle from pre-Recruitment to post-termination as well as Key Employment Legislation Affecting the Employer-Employee Relationship.


Cost: 20,000.00


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All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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