Diploma in Insurance

Diploma in Insurance

The Diploma in insurance Course is designed to equip the trainee with knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable him/her to manage insurance functions effectively.  The technical and specialization units in the programme are designed to make the trainee acquire a wide range of skills in insurance practice. A graduate of this course will be able to work in ether formal or self-employment.

The Diploma in Insurance consists of three (3) Modules on course work and a compulsory Industrial Attachment after Module II. Module III has three compulsory units and four other optional areas from which a candidate is expected to choose one. The candidate is expected to take three units from the selected option.

Entry Requirements:
a) KCSE Mean Grade C- (Minus) or
b) Passed Craft Certificate in Insurance or
c) Equivalent qualifications as determined by College of Insurance.

Duration: 2 years

8.30 am – 4.00 pm (Monday – Friday) or
5.30 pm – 7.30 pm (Monday – Friday) or
8.30 am – 4.00 pm (Saturday only)

2018 Registration Deadlines

1ST SEMESTER –         Normal Registration Deadline – 28th February

                                         Late Registration Deadline – 15th March

2ND SEMESTER –        Normal Registration Deadline – 30th August

                                         Late Registration Deadline – 15th September

Please note: Late registration will attract a late registration penalty of 10% of fee payable. Applications lodged beyond the deadline will NOT be accepted.

Compulsory Fees

Application fees (payable once)  1,000
Activity fees (payable once)  1,000
Personal Accident (payable annually) 500
Student ID (payable once)  250
Exam Registration fees (payable annually) 2,000
Library fees (payable per semester)  1,500
TOTAL        6,250


Module I

DIP-101  Introduction to Insurance 8,000 4,000
DIP-102  Principles and Practice of Insurance  8,000 4,000
DIP-103  Legal Aspects of Insurance 8,000 4,000
DIP-104  Communication 8,000 4,000
DIP-105  Information Communication Technology 8,000 4,000
DIP-106  Financial Accounting 8,000 4,000
DIP-107  Life Skills       6,000  
DIP-101  Text book     1,500  
DIP-105  Text book     1,500  
TOTAL FEE MODULE I      57,000 24,000


Module II

DIP-201  Life Assurance      10,000 5,000
DIP-202  General Insurance     10,000 5,000
DIP-203  Quantitative Techniques in Insurance 10,000 5,000
DIP-204  Entrepreneurship     8,000 5,000
DIP-205  Economics     8,000 5,000
DIP-206  Marketing     8,000 5,000
DIP-207  Industrial Attachment   2,000  
DIP-201  Text Book     1,500  
DIP-202 Text Book     1,500  
DIP-205 Text Book     1,500  
TOTAL FEE MODULE II          60,500 30,000


Module III Compulsory Units

DIP-301  Principles and Practice of Management  12,000 6,000
DIP-302  Financial Management   12,000 6,000
DIP-303  Risk Management     12,000 6,000
DIP-301  Text book     1,500  
TOTAL          37,500 18,000


Module III Electives Options

a) Pensions Option

DIP-305  Retirement Benefits Practice, Law and Taxation  12,000 6,000
DIP-306  Financial Aspects of Retirement Funds 12,000 6,000
DIP-307  Retirement Benefits Fund Management 12,000 6,000
TOTAL          36,000 18,000

b) Life Assurance Option

DIP-308  Life Assurance Practice and Administration  12,000 6,000
DIP-309  Financial Aspects Life Business   12,000 6,000
DIP-310  Life Assurance Underwriting and Claims 12,000 6,000
TOTAL          36,000 18,000

c) General Insurance Option A (Choose 3 out of 5 units)

DIP-311  Fire Insurance Underwriting and Claims  12,000 6,000
DIP-312  Motor Insurance Underwriting and Claims 12,000 6,000
DIP-313  Liability Insurance     12,000 6,000
DIP-314  Business Interruption Insurance   12,000  
DIP-315  Engineering and Construction Insurance 12,000  
Dip 312  Text Book     1,500  
Dip 313 Text Book     1,500  
TOTAL         39,000 18,000

d) General Insurance Option B (Choose 3 out of 6 units)

DIP-316  Marine Insurance     12,000 6,000
DIP-317  Aviation Insurance     12,000 6,000
DIP-318  Insurance Broking     12,000 6,000
DIP-319  Re-insurance and its Applications 12,000  
DIP-320  Health Insurance     12,000  
DIP-321  Agriculture Insurance   12,000  
TOTAL         36,000 18,000


How to apply

All candidates must follow the application steps where they provide their details and select units. An invoice will be sent to the email address of the applicant with payment instructions.

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